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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Looking for Books? Look No More

Kristin left a note in our suggestion box on where to buy books.  I have been here for a few years and have struggled to keep myself in reading material. The few shops in Ulsan that have English-language books are great, but decidedly small.  I used to like just going to the used bookstores in America and browsing for hours. Here in Ulsan I can browse for about 10 minutes. The selection, particularly of fiction, is quite small.  I have sometimes resorted to having friends or relatives buy and ship books to me but shipping costs can easily eclipse the price of the books themselves. No More!

Kristin wrote to tell us of an online bookstore here in Korea that  will ship your purchases for a few chun (1000 won). They even  have used books, which is both easier on the wallet and the planet.  The selection is vast and everything I’ve searched for has been available. Check out

Thanks, Kristin, for taking the time to read and post a very useful link!