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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Munsu Dog Park

Tucked away behind the Munsu Archery Centre, across the road from the Munsu Stadium complex, lies the Munsu Dog Park. As far as I’m aware, it’s the only dedicated dog park in the city.

At the far end of the Archery parking lot, look for this guy

Just past the sign, there’s a little spot where you pay the entry fee, and then it’s play time!


[Namgu Residents 1,000 won. Other regions – 2,000 won. Open April – October 10am – 10pm, November – March 10am – 6pm]

The window where you pay

The park is sectioned into two areas, one for small dogs, and one for large breeds. Due to the overwhelming popularity of small dogs here, this section is bigger and nicer, with a large shaded area for people to sit, agility equipment and a water fountain. The large-dog area also has some agility equipment, and plenty of room for a good game of fetch. The areas are fenced, with the gates double fenced to prevent dogs from escaping when someone enters.

The foreground is the large-dog play area, the background is the small-dog play area.

Some of the agility toys in the small-dog area


A vending machine stocked solely with dog treats.

It’s a great place to let your furry buddy run around without worrying you’ll be yelled at by some random dog-hating ajumma. There will likely be playmates for them to run around with, or there’s always the agility equipment and plenty of room for fetch. Beside the park, there are stairs leading up to one of the hiking trails that lead into Ulsan Grand Park, if you get bored of the enclosure.

The dog park is pinned on the Interactive Map, under Pet Care.