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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Ulsan Online is Now on Instagram

If you follow a lot of the Korean food and travel accounts for the Ulsan area, then you will know that there is a lack of information in English for Ulsan outside of our popular facebook group. However, these days more and more people are turning to instagram and TikTok for news and information on Korea. Ulsan Online is a little late to the game but I am trying to correct that this year.

Over the years, people have become less dependent on the main Ulsan Online site and more on places like facebook and Instagram. The Korean youth are even more active on Instagram as well. This made me realize that Ulsan Online needs a presence there as well.  This way, we can reach more people in the area and provide content on what’s happening in the city as well.

If you are wondering how this is different from the facebook group, it is different. It is more like like the website but an updated approach. The facebook group is a community of people in Ulsan who help each other. Questions get asked and announcements are made by any and all group members. The instagram page is more for touristy things and stuff that is interesting and unique to Ulsan and the area.

It is a place where I can show you some cool and interesting place around the city. I will also promote local businesses on the page a lot more. This is something that I have wanting to do for a while. I haven’t priced anything out yet but if you are a local business and you are looking for a way the word out, then I hope that you will consider Ulsan Online for a sponsored post.

I am hesitant to write that because in the past a lot of places have a strange sense of entitlement when it comes to advertising and that is something that I want to stay far away from. Ulsan Online has always been here to help the people of Ulsan. I only ask that those who are benefitting from the group, in turn, help support my efforts here.

At any rate, please check out the new instagram page and give it a follow!!