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Romantic Cat Cafe: 낭만고양이

UPDATE: March 2013 – This cat cafe has closed. 

The pet cafe craze hit Ulsan last year with a few cafes opening up in old downtown, but now they are spreading across the city with a recent location in mugeo-dong. Located near Purple Haze and right above the Pasta Bueno, you can find this interesting little cafe.

Like most of these cafes there is a 6,000 won cover charge in effect but that includes your beverages and you can also get a delicious waffle complete with whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate for an additional 1,000 won.

The cafe is cute and just what you’d expect from a cafe filled with cats and women of all ages. However, this is the place where you’d like to go if you are looking for some company of the cat variety.

I feel that too often when foreigners get lonely and miss their family pet they make a silly mistake and get a cat or dog for a year or two then leave it behind with all of their other possessions, when they return home. Here, you can enjoy the company of a little cat without commitment. They cats are used to the company of strangers and generally liked being cuddle for awhile. They will routinely come and check you out as you sip your coffee and eat your waffles.

Romantic Cat is located in Mugeo-dong right above Pasta Bueno. Take left at Babo Sageori and head towards Purple Haze.

They are open from 11 am to 10 pm

Phone 052-221-0504