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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Terms and Conditions

Ulsan Online is not responsible for any violation of visa or contracts. We are not responsible for workplace conditions or anything else beyond simply hosting a job board as a service to the community of Ulsan.

Job Posters/ Recruiters

By posting a job on the Ulsan Online job board you are hereby taking all responsibility for the job that you post. Ulsan Online is in no way responsible for the quality of the job and or the quality of the people who respond to the job post. It is up to you, the job poster to review and understand who is responding to your post.

Job Posts

Ulsan Online is not responsible for the job post or anything beyond simply providing a service to the community. It is up to you to research and make sure that the job is reputable. Please make sure that taking a job does not violate your visa. Ulsan Online is not responsible for any complications with your visa as a result of using our job board

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