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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Korea’s Red and Black Islands: Hongdo and Heuksando

An example of the islands truly unique flora.

An example of the islands truly unique flora.

Photos and Story by Christina Balint

I travel solo for a number of reasons:

1. If I run out of money and need to sleep in a cave or a boat, there’s no one to tell me I’m crazy.

2. If I bushwhack up a mountain and cross paths with a snake, consequently shrieking with the pitch and fury of a 5 year old girl, there’s no one to laugh at me.

3. It’s far less intimidating for open-minded, warm-hearted Koreans to sweep you under the wings of their generosity if there’s only one “foreigner.”

I had 4 days off work and they went something like this… (more…)

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