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We Currently Offer 3 Packages for Advertising

Single Post – 25,000 won per post

This is designed for the 1-time user who just wants to post in our facebook group to promote an event. While we do make exceptions for community gatherings like language exchanges and charity events, if you promotion is accepting payment in any way, shape, or form, then you have to pay the fee to post in our group.  This fee covers a single post with the duration of 1 month maximum. You can bump the post as often as you see fit, but this fee does not include multiple posts for the same event.

Facebook Only – 600,000 won per year

This package is designed for people who only want to promote their ad on the Ulsan Online facebook group and NOT the website. This means that you are missing out on all the features that come included with the premium package. However, you are getting included in the pinned posts or facebook “announcements” as well as being added to the event calendar. This package is great for those looking to market directly to members of the facebook group and use photo and video to gain attention to their business or event.

Premium Package – 1,000,000 per year

This is your all access package for those looking to really get the word out about their business. In this package you will not only get access to the facebook group that (as of April 2018) has over 9,000 member but access to our email list and website. You will get a custom icon for our map, a front page ad and a professionally written and photographed article on your business. The Ulsan Online site gets hundreds of unique visitors a day and having your ad on the front page will no doubt pay for itself in no time. One of our most popular features is the interactive map. This shows all the most popular places to visit in Ulsan. Your customized icon will direct people to the location of your business more effectively that standard pins.

Finally, with the premium package you get a professionally written and photographed article that tells your story. These articles are extremely popular as they get your name out there for anyone searching for places in Ulsan. Our facebook group is so popular that posts disappear in  days. Your article is here, online… forever. This allows search engines to find your article a lot easier. Your custom article will include your story, any information that you want to promote, profession images take from our in-house photographer, a custom map showing your location, and of course address and contact details. Basically, this article will show all the needed information for people to find you.

If you like to inquire about getting an advertising package please contact us at