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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Start Here

If you are reading this, then you are probably new to Ulsan and are looking for some guidance on how to get started in this great city. Below is a list of links and information that will help you get a good start in Ulsan.

**Click the first part of each topic for the link**

The Community

Community is a big one and Ulsan Online is one of the biggest. Our facebook group is a source for immediate help and can answer just about any question that you may have.

Facebook is an important part of the community in Ulsan. Here are a few more groups that you should look at joining:

Ulsan Used Goods – You can find everything you need to get your new home in order.

Ulsan Parents Club – This is a group centered around help parents raise children in Ulsan. They have information on everything from hospitals to babysitters.

Public Order – If you are wondering what you can and cannot do in Ulsan in the eyes of the Law Click here.

Your Apartment

Heating and Staying warm in the winter – This article has information on how to survive your first winter in Ulsan. It also explains how to set up your ondol (floor heating) and help keep your apartment toasty warm. If you are not sure how to work the ondol this article has translations for a few of the more common ondol panels.

Humidity and Mould – One of the largest complaints people have about apartments in the summers here in Ulsan is the black mould that comes from the high humidity. Here are some tips on how to deal with that.

How to Stay Cool in the Summer – If you are looking for way to beat the heat this is the article for you. Summers in Ulsan can get really hot and humid. Most apartments should have air conditioning but in the off chance that you don’t, this article may be helpful.

How to use your bidet – Many apartments not come equipped with a bidet toilet seat. This maybe tricky to get used to but hopefully, this funny little article can help you.


Getting a Health Check – Depending on what job you have in Ulsan, you may have to get a health check. You can go to a hospital or you can go to a dedicated clinic. Here is some information to help you through the process.

Going to the Doctor – It may be scary the first time to go to the hospital and this article will take you through the basic steps so that you know what to expect.

Learning Korean

Free Korean Classes – A few times a year the City of Ulsan will have free Korean classes at the Global Center in Shinjeong-dong. These classes fill up fast but are really good to get a handle on the language.

Korean Language Resources – This is a detailed list of many of the essential resources at your disposal here in Ulsan.

Getting Important Documents

Driver’s License – This link gives the basic information as well as the links and locations to the Ulsan DMV

Renew Your Passport – There may come a time when you have to renew your passport in Ulsan. Here is how.

Emergency Numbers

Click Here – you can print these out if you need them.

Contacting the Police – If you are worried about the language barrier when contacting the police this article explains the system in use.