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Best of Ulsan – 2012 – Medical

Doctors, Dentists, Vets and Hospitals are covered here.

In the Best Dentist category, we have an even four-way split. West LA in Haeundae, Park GeunTae in Hwabongdong, Eden Family Dentistry in Mugeodong and what one voter could only remember as “The one across from pizza palms.” Apparently, they give good NO2 there.

For Best Doctor, we  have a winner with Dr. Jun, at the Namgu Homeplus. Voters selected Dr. Jun with 50% of the votes. Honorable Mention goes to Seoul Morning Clinic and what one voter could only remember as “The guy beside Pizza Palms”.  Apparently, this Dr. gives good NO2 as well.

Best Hospital Award is also a split decision with Dong-gu Hospital, City Hospital and Ulsan University Hospital in Bangeojin taking even percentages.

And for the furry side of medicine, the Best Veterinarian Award is shared among Kkum Iss Un Animal Hospital, Munsu Vet near the Samho bridge and Smile Animal Hospital, and (you knew there had to be one) one voter listed “the one across from Homeplus dong gu,” because, well, pet owners get good NO2 there, also.

Congratulations to all the winners!