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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Bela Moti


Before we start, I should probably explain that I adore Indian food. I’m British, so a Tikka Masala is basically our national dish and I was also the Secretary of my University’s Curry Society (Yes, we had one.). I have personally high curry standards and whilst Namaskar and Shalimar have filled a gap, neither has really truly satisfied me. But this has all changed now.

I went along on a Saturday night with three friends. Bela Moti is situated in the Terrace Park area of Dong-gu, very close to the Home Plus. It is a very small part of the complex. The décor and feel of the restaurant is very sophisticated but it has a warm and cosy atmosphere too. There is also has a lovely balcony where you can eat your meal. The staff speak impeccable English and are extremely friendly and welcoming.

The menu itself is fantastic. For the local vegetarians, this could be the place for you! There is an entire A4 page of Vegetarian Curries! But be not alarmed meat lovers- there is also a wide range of meat dishes, both the Tandoori style and with a sauce. In comparison with Namaskar and Shalimar, the menu here definitely has the edge.


They have a variety of Naan breads and side dishes available. My one criticism is that a wider variety of appetisers could be appreciated but the rest of the menu more than makes up for it.

We started with the Onion Bhajis, which were delicious and well cooked and then they bought out our main dishes. One friend opted for the vegetable curry the ‘Mother’s Special’ which contained paneer and plenty of vegetables which was extremely delicious.

Another opted for a Lamb Rogan Josh which was phenomenal whilst another friend tried the Aloo Capsicum which was a little spicier and also delicious.

I had the Cream Chicken Tikka, an oven baked dish, which I cannot rave about enough. We each tried each other’s dishes and were extremely positive about them all (It made my Irish friend swear a lot! Always a good sign!). The real strength of the food here lies in the exceptional seasoning and use of flavour. It is this which really lifts Bela Moti from among the regular run of the mill establishments and puts it higher up the scale. The Naan breads were also fantastic- crumbly and slightly chewy in equal measure, just how they should be.

Another excellent sign was that there were actual Indians and South East Asians in the restaurant with us. There couldn’t be a surer sign that this place is the real deal.

I know that Namaskar is easier to get to for a lot of people but I really think that making the trip to Dong-gu for this restaurant is more than worth it, just for the high quality of the food. It was a perfect end to an evening on the beach. The views during the day are also quite stunning!


In regards to prices, there generally a little higher than Namaskar. Portion sizes are comparable, perhaps a touch larger but yet, I feel the price is fully justified. Even back in the UK, I would consider the food here excellent. It is easily the best Indian food I have had since coming to Korea and I cannot wait to go back and try more from their extensive menu!

To get there, take a bus (The 104,106,112,401,133, 127 and 1401, for example) heading towards Gottbawi and get off at 번덕마을 (Beondok Village) or as if you were going to Ilsan Beach. Cross the road to Starbucks. To the left of Starbucks is Entrance ‘B’ to the main building. Go in and take the Elevator to Floor 3. Get out, turn left and Bela Moti is on your left. There is a menu outside the door.