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**CLOSED** Burger & Friez: Ulsan’s Answer to Your In-And-Out Burger Craving


Tucked in behind Up Square in Samsandong is arguably one of the best “hidden” spots to get your burger fix. I have been addicted to them since they opened and I am finally spilling the beans as I want them to succeed or rather keep me full with their amazing burgers. Be it known that this is your down to earth “no frills” cheese burger and not your 18,000 won restaurant style burger covered in sweet chili sauce and sweet potatoes. Fact is that they have somehow created an amazing version of a certain california-based burger chain.

I write this not as a plug or an advertisement but more to get more people out. These guys make amazing burgers and have always given me the best service that they could. It is hard not to like a place that makes excellent food and gives great service. Whenever I go there they always greet me with a huge smile… possibly because I usually end up there at least once a week.

What makes this place amazing is not only their amazing cheese burgers but the price as well. For just a hamburger meal (includes fries and a drink) is about 5,800 won but I highly encourage you to go for the “Double Burger Set” which will run you about 8,000 won. Trust me, it is awesome. While they may have just a simple menu, I feel that it works here. You do not need a ton of different items on the menu, just do one thing really good and that is what they do at Burger & Friez.

You can also adjust your burger to your liking. There are a number of variations that you can choose from for the buns including a “diet option” which uses lettuce instead of the bun. Not to mention you can choose between fried or fresh onions. Sorry vegans but there is no veggie burger option here…

While the restaurant is small, the flavour is big and that is all that should matter. They are located behind Up Square and are also pinned on the interactive map. I have added the map below to further help those that see to have issues with the interactive map.


Ulsan, namgu, samsandong, 1570-7 beonji gadong 107 ho

052-275-2660 (they deliver too!)


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