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Everything You Need to Know About Ulsan

Ulsan Cycling Guide

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in | Comments Off on Ulsan Cycling Guide

A guide to cycling in Ulsan By Luke Cape: On first impression, Ulsan may not seem to be the most bike-friendly city. But on closer inspection, the city and the surrounding areas have so much to offer. There are near 100kms of traffic-free bike paths criss-crossing the city. There are numerous single track downhill mountain biking trails hidden in the suburban mountains of Dong-gu, Jung-gu and Ulju-gun. And the quiet, backroad cycling in the countryside is not far away....

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A guide to climbing Jirisan

Posted by on Feb 23, 2014 in | Comments Off on A guide to climbing Jirisan

 Jirisan 지리산 By Luke Cape: Jirisan is mainland South Korea’s highest mountain (1915m), located inside its largest national park (471km2). It’s one of the few national parks where you’re likely to encounter wildlife other than birds and squirrels. The park is home to deer, foxes, hares, elk, wildcats and even the endangered Asiatic black bear (also known as the ‘Moon Bear’ or 반달곰) . It’s also one of Korea’s most sacred mountains, and numerous major temples and smaller retreats...

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Jeollabukdo – Chungcheongnamdo

Posted by on Jan 17, 2014 in | Comments Off on Jeollabukdo – Chungcheongnamdo

By Deirdre Madden This is part two of my Chuseok road-trip adventure with my boyfriend. Part one was Jeollanamdo, or the South Jeolla Province. Here, I’ll take you through the North Jeolla Province, and into South Chungcheong Province. After driving along the southern coast, we turned northward at Mokpo, a small city with a rather similar vibe to Ulsan, as it’s home to Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, the world’s 4th largest shipbuilder. We tried to drive up hwy 77,...

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Eden Valley, Skiing in Ulsan’s Backyard

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in | Comments Off on Eden Valley, Skiing in Ulsan’s Backyard

By Deirdre Madden Skiing and snowboarding have become the most popular winter activities in Korea over the past few years. Resorts have sprung up all over Gangwando (the province just south of the DMZ on the East Coast) and Gyeonggido (the province surrounding Seoul). One of the most popular, High One, has buses that leave Ulsan in the wee hours of the morning, giving you the full day on the hill before returning home in the evening. Read the...

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From Ulsan to High One Ski Resort – Users guide

Posted by on Dec 15, 2013 in | Comments Off on From Ulsan to High One Ski Resort – Users guide

By Luke Cape A guide for those wanting to go to High One resort by the shuttle bus: There are shuttle buses running every night from Ulsan to the resort. They pick you up at different places around the city, for example Dongcheon Stadium (Jung-gu), The Arts and Cultural Center (Samsan-dong), Gonguptap (Nam-gu) and Shinbok Rotary (Mugeo-dong). Different buses have slightly different schedules, but most of them pick up at around 3am. The shuttle buses are free for season...

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Jeollanamdo – Yeosu, Suncheon and Boseong

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in | Comments Off on Jeollanamdo – Yeosu, Suncheon and Boseong

By Deirdre Madden Over the Chuseok holiday, my significant other and I went on a road trip to a part of the country I had yet to explore, Jeollanamdo and the west coast. We began by setting off late, revising our route to make up for lost time, and then taking a wrong turn on the expressway in a moment of confusion and ending up in downtown Busan on a Saturday. Awesome. Yeosu Eventually, we actually made it to...

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Joseon Pottery Made in Ulsan

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in | Comments Off on Joseon Pottery Made in Ulsan

    By 황정원 (Hwang Jeong Won) It is our first picnic. My English teacher, my classmate Zoe and I went to Wang Bang Yo in Wang Bang village just outside of Ulsan. We passed by Munsu stadium (on Highway 7) and drove toward Busan. I turned right towards Yang-san and Tong-do-sa at the Dae-Bok three way intersection (Highway 34). Wang Bang Yo is a house and gallery that showcases and sells some of the finest hand crafted pottery...

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October Festivals

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in | Comments Off on October Festivals

Fall is arguably the best season in Korea – clear blue skies (when there are no typhoons in the neighbourhood), warm sunny days, cool crisp nights – it’s a great time to head out and explore the country-side as the rice paddies turn to gold, and the trees display their garish autumn colours. Here are some of the Festivals on the horizon. Please check out the Tourism Korea site for the full listing. Andong Maskdance Festival  27-09 – 10-06Another...

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Teddy Bear Museum in Gyeongju

Posted by on Aug 31, 2013 in | Comments Off on Teddy Bear Museum in Gyeongju

  By Lauren Zink   The Teddy Bear Museum is fun for cubs and full-grown adults alike. This kitschy gem, located in the ancient Silla capital of Gyeongju, features exhibits celebrating Korean history, mythology, and fantasy – all portrayed by teddy bears, naturally. And the fun begins before you even enter the museum. Be on the lookout for a costumed teddy bear doing what looks to be a tae kwon do move, riding a dinosaur and pointing you toward...

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California Beach in Gyeongju

Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 in | Comments Off on California Beach in Gyeongju

By Lauren Zink Gyeongju World’s water-park arm, California Beach, is an oasis on a hot day in South Korea. The admission price depends on the day of the week and time of year. Expect to pay between 40,000 won and 60,000 won, but some tickets include 5 free rides in the neighboring Gyeongju World. Upon entrance to the park, you will see two kiosks marked “Coin Stand.” You must stop here and pick up a bracelet if you plan...

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