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5 Great Places to See Cherry Blossoms in Ulsan

When it comes to top places for viewing cherry blossoms, Ulsan is sadly not on many of the lists if at all. That could be because we are so close to places like Gyeongju, which is famous for its blossoms. However, there are a few great spots worth checking out in Ulsan. Here are the top 5:

Haksung Park

Located in the centre of Ulsan, this park has a long history and recently has seen its share of upgrades. During the spring months the tree-covered hill explodes with colour. The park is also has a major bus stop directly in front of the park entrance. Making it easy to get to from most areas around ulsan.  Walking around the hill also gives some great views of the city. It is also close to MBC’s office in Ulsan which is another great cherry blossom location.

Where: 54, Hakseonggongwon 3-gil, Jung-gu, Ulsan. Just across the river from Samsandong.

Seonam Lake Park

It does not get better than a quiet walk around the lake when the blossoms are in full bloom. This is what is waiting for you at seonam lake park and much more. The lake boasts a large amount of blossoms and not to mention a collection of miniature religious buildings. From little churches, cathedrals, temples and more… all tucked away in the forest surrounding the lake.

Where: 104, Seonamhosu-gil, Nam-gu, Ulsan.

Daewangam Park

The entrance into Daewangahm Park is also lined with cherry blossoms, making the park even more busy during the springtime. As you walk from the entrance to the lighthouse, the entire way is lined with cherry blossoms. This adds a bit of contrast to the surrounding pine forest. Even though there is now improved parking, this area still draws wui a large amount of people on the weekends.

Where: 155, Deungdae-ro, Dong-gu, Ulsan


Every year, the city of Ulsan puts on a great festival in Mugeodong. Situated along the mugeochon creek, this festival celebrates the beauty of the season with lights and music. This year  k-pop star Hong Jin Yong will be headlining the festival. The festival this year will kick off at 4 pm on Saturday, March 31st. The mugeochon is also a great places to see the blossoms (minus the festival) as both sides of the creek are lined with cherry blossoms.

Where:  Samho-ro7 beon-gil, Mugeo-dong, Ulsan

Eonyang Sunam Cherry Blossom Road

Another great little festival is the one held along the road to Jakgwaechon in Eonyang. Located near the Megamart, each year there is a fun festival and a nice walk though the old trees. At night they light the blossoms up with an array of colours. Next to the road is an assortment of tents and cafes offering a wide range of Korean food.

Where:  855-1 Gyodong-ri, Samnam-myeon, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

Jason Teale is a freelance photographer and writer based in South Korea specializing in travel, Cinemagraphs, food, and documentary photography. Available for assignments in Ulsan, Busan, Seoul, and nationwide.

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